Christopher Kassotis

Christopher Kassotis

Assistant Professor

Christopher Kassotis


2111 Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio), 6135 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202

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Our lab is focused on identifying and characterizing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and mixtures, as well as their potential impacts on human/animal health - with a particular focus on metabolic health (e.g. obesity, etc.). My research uses a mixture of cell culture assays, zebrafish, and sometimes mouse models to identify and characterize molecular mechanisms underlying potential impacts on human and animal health. To that end, my research is currently evaluating common ethoxylated surfactants (used in a lot of household detergents and hard surface cleaners) for their potential metabolic health impacts; diverse environmental mixtures (household dust, silicone wristbands, unconventional oil and gas/fracking fluids and wastewater, etc.) for their potential role in disrupting health; and working to better understand complex environmental mixtures through mechanistic, analytical, computational, and statistical approaches.

Current projects include assessing the role of common surfactants used in hard surface cleaners in metabolic health disruption (e.g. fat cell development and obesity), inorganic and organic contaminant mixtures (assessing mechanisms and potential mixture effects), potential endocrine health impacts of hydraulic fracturing/unconventional oil and gas operations, and exploring novel sources of endocrine disruptors to the environment (both mechanisms and potential health outcomes).

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B.S, Biology, Keene State College, 2008
PhD., Biology (Endocrinology), University of Missouri, 2015
Postdoc, Environmental Toxicology, Duke University, 2015-2020


Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Selected publications

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