Marianna Sadagurski

Marianna Sadagurski

Associate Professor

Marianna Sadagurski


Integrative Biosciences Center (IBio), 6135 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202

Research Interests


  • Hypothalamic regulation of metabolism in health and disease
  • Pollution and hypothalamic inflammation
  • Anti-aging interventions and aging brain
  • Maternal environment, metabolic disease and aging

Our research program focuses on the hypothalamic regulation of metabolism in states of environmental stress, obesity, and aging. The hypothalamus integrates information from the liver, muscle, fat, and other organs, and orchestrates whole-body metabolic homeostasis. We study signaling pathways operating in hypothalamic neurons and glia cells (astrocytes and microglia), which are highly relevant to the control of systemic metabolism and the age-associated changes in the glia-neuron interactions.

Our lab employs a multi-disciplinary approach to manipulate brain neurocircuits and nutrient-sensing pathways using cutting-edge molecular, genetics, and metabolic assessments in rodents.

Current projects in the lab:

  • The role of hypothalamic neuroinflammation in the aging brain
  • Exposure to air pollution is a trigger for hypothalamic inflammation and metabolic disease
  • The effect of perinatal exposure to VOC on hypothalamic development, neuroinflammation, and whole-body metabolism in the offspring
  • Hypothalamic neuroendocrine axis in aging and metabolism

2000-2006, Ph.D. Tel Aviv University, Israel
2006-2012, Postdoc, Harvard Medical School, HHMI (advisor: Morris White)
2012-2015, Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan (Richard Miller lab)
2015-2016, Assistant Research Professor,University of Michigan


Selected publications

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