CURES Seminar Series 2015 - 2016 Schedule


Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (CURES) P30 ES020957

2015-2016 Seminar Series

Thursday November 12th, 2015: Sandra Haslam Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Biomedical and Integrative Physiology. Director of MSU’s Breast Cancer and the Environmental Research Center. Michigan State University.

Title: High Fat Diet with and without Obesity: Windows of Susceptibility to Increased Breast Cancer Risk and Concordance between Mouse Models and Human Disease.

Area of Expertise: The effects of hormones and environmental exposure on mammary gland development; implications for breast cancer

Host:  Dr. Melissa Runge-Morris, Professor, Director, CURES


Thursday December 3rd, 2015: James P. Luyenyk, Ph.D., Associate Professor College of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Pathology and Diagnostic Investigation Center for Integrative Toxicology. Michigan State University.

Title: Trichloroethylene Exposure and Autoimmune Liver Disease: Direction from Experimental Settings

Area of Expertise: Environmental exposure and the promotion of liver disease

Host: Melissa Runge-Morris, M.D., Director, CURES


Thursday December 17th, 2015: Laura Rozek Ph.D., Associate Professor in Environmental Health Science, Associate Director. SPH Office of Global Public Health. University of Michigan.

Title: Cadmium, Epigenetics and Human Health: Evidence from a Highly Exposed Population in Thailand

Area of Expertise: Molecular epidemiology of carcinogenesis

Host: Michele Cote, Ph.D, GXE CURES


 Thursday January 14th, 2016: Steven E. Lipshultz, M.D., F.A.A.P, F.A.H.A ,Schotanus Family Endowed Chair of Pediatrics. Carman and Ann Adams Endowed Chair in Pediatric Research. Professor and Chair, Carman and Ann Adams Department of Pediatrics. Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Oncology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Molecular Biology/Genetics. Family Medicine, Public Health Sciences, & Pharmacology. CURES, Wayne State University School of Medicine. President, University Pediatricians & Interim Director, Children’s Research Center of Michigan Pediatrician-in-Chief, Children’s Hospital of Michigan / Specialist-in-Chief, Pediatrics, Detroit Medical Center

Title: Fetal and Pediatric Environmental Exposure Health Effects and Community-Based Preventive Interventions: Beginning with the End in Mind

Area of Expertise: Pediatric cardiomyopathy; fetal origins of adult disease; congressional recommendation for leading a task force to improve outcomes for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster

Host: Melissa Runge-Morris, M.D., Director, CURES


Thursday January 28th, 2016: J. Christopher States, Ph.D., Professor, Vice Chair for Graduate Education. Associate Dean for Research. University of Louisville.

Title: Arsenic, Mitotic Arrest, miRNAs & APC/C

Area of Expertise: Molecular biology and molecular genetics of DNA damage and repair; mechanisms of arsenic toxicity

Host: Melissa Runge-Morris,M.D., Director, CURES


Thursday February 11th, 2016: Erik Tokar, Ph.D., Group Leader, Stem Cell Toxicology Group NIEHS

Title: The Role of Stem Cells in Inorganic Carcinogenesis

Area of Expertise: Role of stem cells in disease manifestation following environmental toxicant exposure

Host: Graham Parker, Ph.D., Leader, IHSFC, CURES


Thursday February 25th, 2016: Andrij Holian Ph.D., Director, Center for Environmental Health Science (CEHS) Professor, Dept. of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science. Scientific Director of CEHS Inhalation and Pulmonary Physiology Core. University of Montana

Title: Lysosomal Membrane Permeability in Particle-Induced Inflammation

Area of Expertise: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Lung Injury; Impact of Environmental Agents

Host: Fei Chen, Ph.D., Leader of GXE Cancer, CURES


Thursday March 10th, 2016: Samiran Ghosh Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences. Dept. School of Medicine. University of Connecticut.

Title: Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials Sponsored by Robust and Dots

Area  of Expertise: Dr. Ghosh's methodological research focuses on survival analysis, generalized linear model, multilevel model, model selection in high dimensional data, machine learning and Bayesian paradigm.

Host: To Be Announced


Thursday March 24th, 2016: J. Brian Byrd M.D., M.S., Clinical Lecturer in Internal Medicine, Medical School

Title: Treatment-Resistant Hypertension: Challenges, and Opportunities for Personalized Medicine

Area of Expertise: Hypertension, Including Endocrine Causes of Hypertension; Clinical Pharmacology; Pharmacogenetics; ACE inhibitor-Associated Angioedema

Host: Phillip Levy, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Chair of Clinical Research, CURES


Thursday May 5th, 2016: Elizabeth Kuhl- Towner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Wayne State University

Title: Community Partnerships to Eliminate Obesity Disparities in Early Childhood

Area of Expertise: To Be Announced

Host: Melissa Runge-Morris,M.D., Director, CURES


Thursday May 19th, 2016: Shyamal D. Peddada, Ph.D., Deputy Chief, Biostatistics & Computational Biology Branch National Institute of Environmental Health and Sciences (NIEHS)

Title: Some Challenges in the Analysis of Microbiome Data

Area of Expertise: Statistical methods for the analysis of high dimensional environmental health sciences data.

Host: Samiran Ghosh, Ph.D., IHSFC Leader, CURES



Thursday June 2nd, 2016: Andrew Mason Ph.D., Associate Professor Advanced Micro System and Circuits (AMSAC) Group. Michigan State University College of Engineering.

Title: Wearable Electrochemical Gas Sensor Arrays for Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Area of Expertise: Multi-system Microsensors for Environmental Applications

Host: Melissa Runge-Morris, M.D., Director, CURES





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